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Re: pci express card on debian amd64 sarge

Zachary P. Landau wrote:

This motherboard seems to support a PCI Express slot and thus I would
like, if
possible, to take advantage of this resource, when acquiring a graphics
Specifically, I would like to check whether any one knows that either (i)
nVidia 6200 120 PCie, or (ii) an ATI Radeon X300SE PCI-e video card would
supported in Debian AMD64 sarge and how these cards compare (which one is


Last Friday I got a new machine with the ATI Radeon X300SE PCI-e in it.
Currently I am using the radeon driver that comes with Xorg 7.0.0.  For 2D
applications, it seems fine.  I should warn you that I am currently battling
a problem with lockups, but I don't have much reason to believe it is being
caused by the videocard.

I tried installing the drivers on the ATI webpage but didn't have much luck.
The driver reports that it needs Xorg 6.9.0.  That should be fixed once ATI
decides to update the drivers, but 3D isn't really important enough to me.
I had an nVidia card and I constantly had to wait for nVidia to get around to
an update.
6 months after launch, ATI still haven't bothered giving driver support to their (current) X1-series cards to Linux users. I'd say that was a more significant wait than anything nVidia have ever presented me with

(my 6800GT PCIe was fine on Sarge, with the binary drivers)

--Jo Shields

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