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Re: How to use 3D acceleration for 32 bit applications

Hi Jo,

> How precisely did you install fglrx? nVidia's drivers (and i believe
> bleeding-edge XOrg) can easily do 32-bit 3D on a 64-bit system, as long
> as drivers are in the right places. The right places on Debian are
> /usr/lib and /emul/ia32-libs/usr/lib. On non-Debian systems, it's
> /usr/lib64 and /usr/lib - so ATI's drivers may have put things in the
> wrong places.

I created the Debian packages with the ATI installer
(ati-installer-xyz.run --buildpkg Debian/sid) for both, the AMD64 and
the i386 system. Then I installed resulting packages (I have Debian Sid
with Xorg 6.9). In my AMD64 environment I had to do add a link as
described on Flavio Stanchinas Homepage.

Is that the info you wanted?

Greetings, Tobias

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