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[no subject] "done" jobs remain in queue, blocks new jobs "Solved"... ?? Re: CUPS fails outside of Gimp. HP1200 LJ "Starting /usr/bin/dhttpd..." hangs when APM is compiled Re: "undead" network interface 'apt-get update' crashes 'Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info.' 'experimental' distro? (auto-response) Re: Thank you! (library qt-mt) not found (no subject) (OT) Team programming tools Re:(TN: 102125084) Your details ** Your message was rejected ** *Solved* Converting Perl Documentation to HTML *Solved* --purge when package already gone ? Re: -ck patches and sound with skips ..booooo, should be: Dead rodent, was: Help Please!! ..OT, politics, was: SCO show must end!!! dns records missing -- please don't file bugs on /bin/bash: cvs: command not found /dev/dsp /etc/mtab & /etc/modules.conf warning messages on startup /etc/rc.boot /opt/kernel, depmod /parport0/autoprobe ... shows no "parport*"... can't set up printer /usr/sbin/pppd: bad local IP address /var/lib/dpkg/available a day behind apt /var/lib/dpkg/status problem 2 pointers to notice before trying 2.6.0-test2 for the first time. 2.4 kernel boot CD for woody? Re: 2.4 kernel boot CD for woody? Ignore this I found it! Re: 2.4 kernel, sis900 module, won't work Re: 2.4.18 pcmcia troubles 2.4.18-586tsc pcmcia troubles Re: 2.4.18-686 kernel, but no PCMCIA 2.4.18bf pcmcia conflicts with new security update 2.4.21 kernel boot problems 2.6 Kernel -problem with console spewing symbols. 2.6.0-test2. modules: FATAL: Module sd_mod already in kernel 2.6.test02 fails to compile...riscom8.o Fw: 23390 the SlCKEST pIace on E/\RTH 763 I Duh d Re: 3Com 3C905B-TX (3c59x.o) Kernel problem?! 3COM PCMCIA Modem 80211 question 855GM chipset supported? ALERTA - Se generó el número de alerta OA2829_1061903035_MYMASCORREO_1 de GroupShield ALERTA - Se generó el número de alerta OA2956_1061967436_MYMASCORREO_1 de GroupShield Re: Instalação AbiWord Problemas con instalación Linux Re: Is this what I think it is? (was Re: demande d'emploi / offre de service( en algérie )) Virus détecté dans le message "Approved" מענה אוטומטי בזמן היעדרות מהמשרד: That movie [Auto-Reply] Re: That movie Re: [DEB-USER] Re: money/quicken/? Re: [DEB-USER] Re: OT: Why is C so popular? Re: [debian-user] Mutt and locale Re: [despammed] Re: How to reduce sid security [Fwd: Netbase config hangs : SOLVED] [Fwd: Re: Debian install fails on Intel P4C800 w/ WD800J drive (but Redhat 9 is ok)] [Fwd: Re: Firewall and Proxy] [gmane.linux.debian.user] PowerManagement mysteries [ [PLUG] OSAIA Supports Oregon Open Source] [GWAVA:1yp1cj11] Virus detect message notification Re: Fwd: [Iwe] [ Edimax CardBus CIS problem]] [MAILER-DAEMON@etc] What to do? [MailServer Notification]To Sender file blocking settings matched and action was taken. [MTASieve:ewm1mm1a] Attachment block message notification [MTASieve:uc013krf] Attachment block message notification [Nexlinx] Virus Scan Warnning [ Re: COBOL compiler] [O.T.] RE: retrieving emails to an exchange via linux? [Oh Joy]: Preliminary PHP4 support for Apache2 [OT-ish] IGPL - Idea General Public Licence Re: [OT: Elfquest] Re: [OT: Elfquest] WAS: Re: Howto released: Using OpenLDAP on Debian Woody to serve Linux andSamba users [OT: Elfquest] WAS: Re: Howto released: Using OpenLDAP on Debian Woody to serve Linux andSamba users [OT: m r ducks] Re: pdf readers [OT] C++ question re. dyn. mem. [OT] Calif. cable ISP info-- RR or Earthlink?? [OT] Debian compatible GPS time receiver [OT] deleting dot files on remote server with ftp Re: [OT] deleting dot files on remote server with ftp [SOLVED] [ot] executing commands from windowmaker [OT] Good GNU/Linux book for translation [OT] Is RMS a Star Trek fan?? [OT] open source distribution Re: [OT] Pitspeak Re: [OT] Please STOP it! [OT] Please STOP it! -- Was: Look at these update from M$ Corporation. Re: [OT] Please STOP it! -- Was: Look at these update from M$ Corporation. [OT] Re: Unusual idea.. [OT] Regenerating mldodonkey file download list [OT] translation from Dutch, please [OT] Utility to lookup hosts on an IP address [OT] Which 1 or 2 channel ultra320 raid5 card? [OT]: CVS replacement [OT]: TLA ARCH or Subversion ? Re: [Poptop-server] Re: Problem in using pptp-linux [question] debian where two AMD cpus... Re: [SLUG] Perl configured, but Apt tells me it's not. Re: [SOLVED] can't ping LAN machine, NET pings fine [Unstable] Fetchmail upgrade to 6.2.3 breaks :( Re: [Users] FreeS/WAN with L2TP install on Debian [Veering OT] RE: Panda antivirus? [Wildly OT] Locomotive transmissions [was: Re: OT: Debian Mailinglist server slow?] [Woody] boot-floppies package? [Woody] Rescue/boot floppy for custom 2.4.21 kernel? [~OT:] philosophy of installation ease AA fonts and galeon AA Fonts broken after security update (kdelibs/wooody) About: [SECURITY] [DSA-358-1] New kernel source and i386 Abwesenheitsnotiz: Approved Re: Accidently uninstalled KDE ACHTUNG! Sie haben eine mit einem Virus infizierte Mail verschickt. acme package - experiences ACPI sleep - time/date problem Activating vim color? Adaptec 2400A anyone got this working? Added Subject [Missing Java(?)] Adding a default outgoing sig to exim4 adding a truetype font to defoma Adding more loops Re: ADI 1980 sound support advice needed after upgrade man-db seg faults AfterStep install probs NEARLY solved... AfterStep theme install probs AfterStep theme install probs. Again with the nvidia... airo problem All-in-one flash card reader. Re: All-in-One flash card reader. ALS-100 Sound Card and Sid Alsa and Linux kernel 2.6.0-test4 Alsa Install, VIA VT8235 and ASUS A7V8X-X ALSA won't make alsa yields no sound Re: alsa yields no sound [SOLVED!] Alsa-utils make error alsa: only one process at a time? amavis and exim 3 Animate png images. Annoying Port 135 Connection Attempts Anti-aliased fonts in galeon/mozilla/epiphany Any IMAP portal system Re: Any project for turning linux into a hd video recorder? Any VOIP or something like Netmeeting(tm) or voice applications for debian? anybody successfully installed msttcorefonts ??? Anyone installed sarge? Anyone packaging this yet? Anyone run LInux with 16GB RAM? Apache and Postfix security Apache character encoding problems Re: Apache character encoding problems [ FIXED; thanks ] Apache SSI with VirtualHost Re: apache-ssl or libapache-mod-ssl? Re: APIC error APIC errors? Re: Re: Approved RE: Re: Approved (KMM1415175V92816L0KM) Re: Approved [3711:5978] apt and changelogs apt through proxy apt-get apt-get -t unstable install gnome fails with unmet dependencies The last update was on 19:22 GMT Sun Apr 22. There are 5936 messages. Page 1 of 12.

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