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Re: 2.6.test02 fails to compile...riscom8.o

On Monday 04 August 2003 4:05 pm, A. Loonstra wrote:
> I've installed a debian woody system with a gnome2.2 backport. Basically
> it's a fresh install. I wanted to compile 2.6-test02 and created a
> config from config-2.4.18-686-smp config and enabling the 2.6 features
> by hand.
> When I run make-kpkg kernel-image I fails around riscom8.o.

It fails to compile a lot of modules, If you do not need them just deselect 
them and keep going... then, if you need one of the, bad luck... My 
impression is that most of those modules are old stuff you may not need.

I compiled this kernel, and works pretty well in my machine, except for some 
bugs with apm/acpi; like they sayd, is a beta version... but let me tell you 
this, it is faster!!!, you can notize the difference playing some games like 
quake2 or the like... not that I play them oftem, what a waste of time!, I 
just do it for benchmarking purposes ;-).

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