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Re: Adding a default outgoing sig to exim4

(lost original thread)

> | I 'm asking this question, as I will be setting up a local small
> | companies mailserver using exim4 and they wish to append an automatic
> | signature, and not a disclaimer, i.e their company name, main contact
> | and website.

So I assume their setup prevents them from making SMTP connections 
directly bypassing this smarthost?

> As for implementing the filter, the same problems as described in the
> above link exist :
>     o   how do you not break the MIME structure?
>     o   how do you not break PGP/GPG signatures?
>     o   how do you ensure that, in *all* cases, the result the reader
>             sees is sensible and what you intended?

Why not make it a company policy?  Otherwise, perhaps config exim to 
bounce mail back to the sender that doesn't have the signature?

Bill Moseley

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