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Re: [OT] Calif. cable ISP info-- RR or Earthlink??

* Kenward Vaughan (kaynjay@igalaxy.net) [030808 00:57]:
> Sorry 'bout the OT on the list, but my systems have Debian hearts.  We are
> looking at roadrunner and earthlink as possible cable providers through Time
> Warner.  Anyone able to comment on/compare them? 

Since they will be the same 99% on the network side, look at the
"benefits" each offers. I know Earthlink gives you 8 e-mail addresses,
but to some people, that has ZERO benefit. Earthlink is normally cheaper
per month, so that's one definite plus in their favor. Finally, RR has
been experimenting with monthly usage caps in a few markets (Nebraska,
Western Ohio, and N Carolina). Currently, EL customers don't have these
caps imposed on them.

Yeah, that does sound rather biased, doesn't it ?? :) As you can see
from my e-mail address, I send EL some $$$ each month. I've got DSL
though, not cable. If I were to switch to cable, I'd most likely choose
EL over RR.


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