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Re: All-in-One flash card reader.

> > Try /dev/sda2-5
> That did not work, besides a flash card can have multiple
> partitions on it, I have a flash card with a win and linux
> partition.  Does anyone know how scsi cd changers work, I
> have a ide cd changer and I use eject -c[0-3] to change it,
> but I believe that's only for atapi drives.

You are correct it should be sda1, sdb1, etc.  Do you have Probe all
LUNS on each SCSI device enabled in the kernel.  Check your config file
for  CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN=y.  I remember having to make that change to
get mine to work, my CF which is sdc1, SM is sdd1 with sda & sdb being
hard drives.

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