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Re: [OT] Good GNU/Linux book for translation

On Sat, Aug 23, 2003 at 05:28:38PM +0300, Aryan Ameri wrote:
> I am not looking for a "Linux for Dumbs" or "Linux for 
> Newbies" thing, but I also don't want "Linux device drivers for kernel 
> 2.4" either. What I am looking for, is a complete, comprehensive guide 
> for using Linux in all it's aspects. It should cover normal things that 
> a user will face in his daily life  like internet browsing, mail, 
> usenet, sound, navigating files and directores, X windows, etc) and it 
> should also cover adminstration issues like installation, maintanance, 
> networking etc. And also basic Unix and Linux commands. I also would 
> like it to be as distro independent as possible.
> Any suggestions anyone?  

_The Linux Cookbook_ (apt-get install linuxcookbook) is very good for
showing how to use GNU/Linux to get things done.

_RUTE_ (apt-get install rutebook -- but it's in non-free) is good for
system administration.

I don't know of any single book that does all the things you're looking

Lance Simmons

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