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Re: -ck patches and sound with skips

 Hi Cristophe,

 you wrote :
> I've applied the -ck patches to my 2.4.20 kernel
> (lowlatency, preempt, O(1), rmap and other patches).
> I can hear xmms skip when I click on something.
> Priority of X is 0 (changed from -10 as suggesting on CK's website)
>  and others are at 0.
>  Renicing xmms to -10 helps much only X niceness is 0.
>  The computer is a Athlon600 MHz.

> Has someone seen this problem ?
 not me
> Is it normal behaviour ?
 it is not yet know what normal behaviour is for O(1) scheduler
 read kernel mailinglist to find out more
> (And how to set xmms always to -10 by default ?)
 edit it's menu entry

 have fun


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