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/bin/bash: cvs: command not found

I'm trying to do a cvs checkout from a remote machine running 

  SSH Version 1.2.25 [i686-unknown-linux], protocol version 1.5.

Say the user is "foo", and they have cvs installed locally:

   >which cvs

  $ cvs -d:ext:foo@foo.machine:/home/foo/local/cvsroot co something
  /bin/bash: cvs: command not found

Now I assume that's becuase /home/foo/local/bin/cvs is not in the path.
I tried setting path in .bash_profile (and .bashrc) on the remote
machine but they don't seem to be read on a ssh connection. 

How do I get foo's PATH updated on the remote machine?

I'm sure I've checked out from that machine before (but that local copy 
is on a drive that's not working so I can't check the CVS Root).


Bill Moseley

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