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[OT] C++ question re. dyn. mem.

Will the free store be properly maintained when the following is executed?
// a simple object is defined
typedef struct
   uint32_t	a;
   uint64_t	b;
   uint8_t	c;
} t_my_type;
// allocate some memory for an instance of this object
t_my_type * p_a = (t_my_type) new t_my_type;
// change the way it is accessed to prove a point
int * p_b = (int *) p_a;
// p_a and p_b point to the same block of dyn. allocated memory;
// return the memory to free storage using the second pointer
delete p_b;

I think the free store will be maintained properly because there is a control 
block attached to the allocated block of storage that defines the length of 
the allocated memory.

Mike Mueller

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