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APIC errors?

    Ok, I want to pick the brains of all of you out there.  I've got a nice
dual-CPU motherboard that is now collecting dust outside of the case because
of an excessive amount of APIC errors...  I think.  The machine itself ran
great for many months and recently just crapped out on me.

    What happens is the machine will run fine and then something, I have no
idea what, will cause it to lock up.  Whenever I am close enough to catch the
error before screen blanking kicks in shows a ton of APIC errors.  On the last
such occurrence the MB was spewing APIC errors as fast as the screen would
print them.  

    Does anyone know what the likely causes of these errors might be and, if
so, how to resolve them?  Could memory have something to do with it?  Heat? 
Bad juju?

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