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[gmane.linux.debian.user] PowerManagement mysteries

Le Tue, 29 Jul 2003 08:23:10 -0400, Tom Allison a écrit :

> I can get ACPI running, but it doesn't actually "do" anything for my
> notebook.

Beginning of dmesg|less (or /var/log/messages if you got lots of errors),
will shows that acpi do things 
Only that power managment is not yet there, even in the 2.6 kernel it won
t :
look for swsusp (suspend on disk, it do reboot, though restore the state
beore suspend ( graphics, tools) in a few second.

FYI: acpi include ospm (OS power mangment), pci bus managment, .. it does
manage initialisation of most of your pc component .
The pci managment is near completion, ospm is there (still incomplete as
it all device managment was a requirement for it )

Swsusp: is quite instable (won t loose data, but expect a it not to work
ak without tweaks), the swsusp ML on sourceforge will give you an idea of
whether its stability/features feets your need


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