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Adding a default outgoing sig to exim4


I'm currently in the middle of replacing my mailserver (running sendmail
still) with exim4, and I would like to append a default signature to all
outgoing mail (preferable not to internal mail, but this I can live with)

after some digging, I came across mailscanner, with if available in the
debian archive, although this is primarily a virus scanner, would it be
possible to change this so it just appends a signature to the outgoing
mails, rather than running a virus scan on them (so the outgoing sig would
just replace the obligatory virus scan clean message)

If anyone has done this successfully? or know of a dedicated program than
can do this using exim4 or even any steps or website that offer
information on this, then I would be eternally happy

Thanks in advance


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to steal ideas from many is research.

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