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[OT] Re: Unusual idea..

Le Vendredi 8 Août 2003 10:22, Craig Tinson a déclamé :
> Can anyone come up with a theory on how to "convert an mp3 into a
> number"? I know that sounds weird so I'll explain what I mean...
> When I say "number" I don't mean as in integer, long etc.. I mean as in
> a huge set of individual integers..

 A Wav is an integer. 
 You can put this Wav in a not lossy format (Flac, zip...) and obtain 
another shorter integer which could be identified as your Wav.
 You can search in pi (or every other "universe-number") for the place 
where your Wav begins in the flow of the decimals of pi. That would be 
another (huge) number.
 You can compute the Wav (or the Flac or the gzip) any way you like with 
every bijective mathematical function, that would give you other numbers.
 You can associate to your wav its physical location (from GPS coordinates 
to the sector of your HD), that would another unique identifier.
 You can create a timestamp on your computer (08/08/2003, 
13:40:52,5639782154611666840007) from the day it is classified, and add 
it to the serial numbers of your hardware, that would be another key.
 And perhaps could you tell us what it would be useful for ?

Christophe Courtois - Ostwald, Alsace, France
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