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Re: Anyone run LInux with 16GB RAM?

hi kourosh

i'd say try a better ( name brand ) 2GB memory stick
	muskin, viking, kingston, corsair

we had similar problems with generic memory modules,
and used kingston 1GB and all the random crashes w/ 1GB memory went

yes, its expensive for 2GB.. but you're on the bleeding edge

other memory info ( and memory testing )

c ya

On 4 Aug 2003, Kourosh wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone been able to get a Linux system, preferably Debian Woody, to
> run stably with 16GB RAM?  I have someone who has a Dual Xeon proc
> system with 8GM RAM (8 x 1GB ECC registered) running Debian Woody and
> Oracle 9i with no problems.  They would very much like to up this to
> 16GB (8 x 2GB ECC registered) but so far it crashes after 48 hours.
> I have had one person tell me that they have a quad proc machine with
> 16G RAM running fine with a self-compiled kernel.org 2.4.18 kernel, but
> we can't seem to get one working.  We've enable HIGHMEM with and without
> HIGHMEM I/O but still no good.  Any other positive reports with
> dual-proc machines and 16GB RAM?  Patches, compiler settings, etc?
> M's to FR?  Enlightening web sites or other docs?
> The memory and other subsystems have worked fine in other tests so those
> don't seem to be a problem.

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