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[OT]: CVS replacement


Since ages, I wanted to replace CVS here.

I firstly tried to find out all the most interesting candidates for
this. I have now a list of 2 items: subversion and tla.

I tried to setup tla but didn't achieve totally this task.

So now I am facing a dilemna: what is the most appropriate software to
finally replace my old CVS (which hasn't satisfied me) ?

For the little I tried tla, it seems smaller and easier to setup but as
I didn't try at all subversion, this may be wrong.

So I claim your help in making my choice: what would you use to replace
CVS ? Subversion claims to be the CVS replacement but tla seems also
interesting to me.

Does anybody have feedback/recommendations for the 2 solutions ?

Currently I am still using CVS 'till I can switch definetely to
something else.

Thanks in advance.


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