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Re: 2.4.18 pcmcia troubles

ScruLoose wrote:
On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 08:23:40PM +0000, Andrew McGuinness wrote:

ScruLoose wrote:

Try the i82092 module.  It lists support for the CL 6729.

I think it probably won't work, however...

Hm.  I don't *think* that worked, but I'm not entirely sure.
The i82092 module loads, but subsequent attempts to modprobe
pcnet_cs result in the familiar error:

Hmmm. I would have expected loading the module to fail. Was there any output at all on "modprobe i82092". Did anything appear in /var/log/syslog?

Does this look like the module doesn't support my hardware, or is there
some sort of vital step I'm leaving out in between there?

Not sure.

... because it only actually refers to it in the current 2.4.22 pre-release kernels, not in 2.4.18 or even 2.4.21.

Now, when you say "refers to it"...  Is this information I should know
where to look for myself?

Not really; I was digging around in kernel sources.

maybe now's the time.

That does lead me to another question:  would it be any significant
security risk (or instability risk) to use a pre-release kernel on a

I wouldn't think it's a security risk. There is some instability risk; in my experience the pre kernels are usually stable enough, but there's no guarantee. If something breaks in a released stable kernel, various people will be very embarassed, but in a pre-release they'll just look all innocent and say "but it *was* a test kernel" :-)

In any case, 2.4.22rc1 has *just* appeared on the mirrors. (rc=release candidate). You can interpret that as "it's stable enough now, let's go", or that a final release is days not weeks away and you might as well wait, depending on taste...

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