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[no subject] ".profile" & BASH in PATH? "import"ing screenshots? "install operating system kernel and modules" problem "lillte" mistake ... cannot boot! "r" utilities went missing "RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0" Re: "signal 11 caught by ps" #!/Perl question (More info about my setup) Trying to get X11 and other packages in full (n)vi doesn't exit at correct command line (no subject) (solved) Re: many, too many, errors while upgrading potato ... * importing files into a Postgresql table * -Do you make these mistakes on your computer network? Re: .bashrc doesn't work? .emacs setup question .htaccess file .xsession problem with WDM amd/or WindowMaker /dev/lp1 bad configured Re: /etc/hosts problem /tmp permissions? /var mounted noexec /var/log 1.5 years old user 17.2 gb drive 2 cards and a dilemma 2.2.* on slink 2.2.12, tr0, and X errors... kernel? or driver? or ?? 3 things: exim, isdn, login.defs 3.3.4-1 -> Netscape 4.51 Crashes 3dfx module and Quake 3 Arena 8N2 communication? ::ahem:: sorry, newbie mistake Re: latex: how to output the ¢ (cent) symbol @home connection [ make install CD of debian ] [ Off Topic ] Yecch [ Re: Connecting to another X Server with WDM] [C|E]Tags recursively [Debian: Directorys] /user/ on external Server Re: [Debian: Grafikkarte] 3Dfx (MAXI Gamer 3D) [DISASTER] Latest update broke my system entirely [Fwd: Re: plip problems ahoy] [Fwd: small fonts in Netscape packaged with Slink] [Linux: CD] How to make ??? [ Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender] [ Re: Please help a poor gaijin!] [OT] Linux software for ispLSI programming? [OT] alsa compatible sound recorder? [OT] cdrom speed adjustment [OT] daylight savings in Brazil? [OT] How to find the exact time, when the serial data arrived? [OT] How to make a "critical section" in user program? [OT] thanks [ debian in india] [Philadelphia] PADS meeting will include a ``keysigning party'' [Philadelphia] PADS Meeting: Overcoming Debian's New Maintainer Procedures Re: [Re: question??] __register_frame_info : undefined symbol `ping', and name resolution in general, hangs a2ps using too big of paper on dj500, and magicfilter eats text abi-word compilation fails About Diamond Viper V770 About mountd ACARD scsi help ACER CD-RW's Adduser and Perl dependancy Advansys Boot Disk After running X, no console Allowing root to display to X... allowing simpler passwords ALSA is miserable. (Help?) alternative to getting packages file by file? Am I missing something?? amd and security Another Dselect cockup Another Dselect cockup 2 Another mutt question: Copying text Another quick DNS question :) Another try - help to fix arrow keys in X Any FAQ's on setting up a news server? Any XFree3.3.5 Packages for slink? anyone using sblive under kernel 2.2.12 Apache 1.3.9 from potato dist apache 1.3.9-2 + php3 3.0.12-3 Apache 1.3.9-7: where's the manpages? Apache modules etc Apache segfaulting upon perl module load Apache SuExec won't work with virtual hosts outside /var/www Apache+PHP3 Apache, cgi, and users... apache-ssl + php3 + libpam Apache-SSL problem.... APM doesn't really work apology: long signature Apparent SCSI failure on HP Vectra Xu Debian 2.1 install... Apple LaserWriter IINT Apt & Firewall variable apt + squid apt get breaks diald Re: Apt in slink (Was: (no subject)) apt package listing error. Apt-cdrom and Ham cd's apt-get "the following packages have been kept back" apt-get (potato) no longer works with dante-client apt-get / overwriting common files Re: apt-get / overwriting common files -- Disregard apt-get and http proxy failure apt-get and the BESS proxy. apt-get dselect-upgrade apt-get newbie question apt-get problem apt-get source [was soundblaster...] apt-get: Error reading from server apt-ing "unstable" files for a "stable" box apt: conf file says: /tmp/cache/apt/. Apt insists on /var/cache/apt/archives/ Re: apt: conf file says: /tmp/cache/apt/. Apt insists on /var/cache/apt/archives/ ASP2PHP converter. Assembly Compiler auctex and xsymbol related xemacs21 problem aumix error Re: Automatic software installing (like Win. 2000) Automounting CD-ROMs and Samba 2.0.5a Avoiding gpm before installing GNOME Awe64 Gold awk or sed? Backup -- what directories are important? Bad UMNT RPC bash or tcsh bash prompts question beeps playing through pc speaker Re: beeps playing through pc speaker - oplbeep Berolist berolist mail-list server Best API for g++? Best Solution for PPP? bind Bind Problem : Another kind of idea ! bizarre dselect front end differencs... blackbox, plus a few.. blink the Numlock Re: Block stupid/annoying sites Re: Block stupid/annoying sites oops! RE: boot from hd (was RE: Why use Debian? Why not Red Hat?) Boot hangs at 'Starting PCMCIA services: modules' on ThinkPad i1476 Re: boot messages Boot/Installation problem i386 slink bootup messages Box-box file transfer brand spanken new user Brand spankin new user... brand spankin new user... part iii brand spankin new user... part iv broken packages A bug in a menu entry ? bug in xdm? Bug in XEmacs-20.4 ? Re: Bug#44109: root access to xserver building a package Bye Seth, thanx for the help Callback The last update was on 07:05 GMT Mon Jun 13. There are 3891 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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