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Re: a2ps using too big of paper on dj500, and magicfilter eats text

On Thu, 02 Sep 1999, Richard E. Hawkins wrote:
> I briefly had magicfilter working, but now it simply spins the desket, 
> draws no paper, and prints nothing.  a2ps is being just as 
> uncooperative, making pages that are a bit too long.  I found a default 
> setting to change in gv (now it's letter), and /etc/paper reads 
> "letter".  How in the world do I solve this?  I've never used anything 
> but networked laserprinters before.

For a2ps and my DJ895 I had to change the line in /etc/a2ps-site.cfg
saying --medium=libpaper to say --medium=Letterdj as I found no way
to change the size of a letter page with libpaper. If you find that
out it would be greatly appreciated.

Ashley Clark

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