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Re: Another try - help to fix arrow keys in X

Brian Servis wrote:
> *- On 23 Mar, Kent West wrote about "Another try - help to fix arrow keys in X"
> > Another try....
> >
> > Anyone know how to fix my non-functioning arrow keys, page-up/down keys,
> > etc in X? They work fine in the console mode. Not having these keys is
> > pretty crippling.
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> >
> What does xev say about them? (put the cursor over the window and hit
> the keys).  Perhaps you have the wrong keyboard layout defined in your
> XF86Config file.  What do you have in there under the Keyboard section?
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> Brian
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Now that's a nifty little program.

The "Event Tester" window had a smaller window within it; neither the
"Even Tester" window nor the inner window showed anything when I pressed
the keys, but the xterm from which I started xev showed a lot of stuff
everytime I'd move the mouse or click the mouse or click any of the
keys. When I'd press the up arrow, the resulting text was a keypress
event and a keyrelease event. I'd copy & paste it here, but I haven't
figured out how to consistently get copy & paste to work; in this case
it's from an xterm window to Netscape Messenger's Composer window, but
that's another issue.

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