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Re: blink the Numlock

* Oliver Larisch <o.larisch@cityweb.de> writes:

> how to blink  the  "numlock-LED" in every Linux-boot. (not only blinking, I want
> to type numbers direkt after boot ; )    Windoze does !!


  man XF86Config

While looking at the manpage, type


(case matters), and you´ll find 

|	ServerNumLock
|		forces  the  X  server  to  handle the numlock key
|		internally.  The X server sends a different set of
|		keycodes  for  the  numpad when the numlock key is
|		active.  This enables applications to make use  of
|		the numpad.

> how to start staroffice 5.0 after a crash of it, without booting. I wasn't able
> as yet.

Hmm. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace? If *that* doesn´t help, read 
(you need to have a 2.2.x kernel).


Colin Marquardt <colin.marquardt@gmx.de>

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