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Re: Block stupid/annoying sites

On 03-Sep-99 Patrick Olson wrote:
>> Read the IPCHAINS HOWTO. I think you can do something like:
>>      ipchains -A input -s ad.doubleclick.net -j DENY
>>      ipchains -A output -d ad.doubleclick.net -j DENY
>> You probably want to tailor the above to meet your needs.
>> This will block *any* kind of connection to/from that site, although DNS
>> lookups will still work. Your browser will probably complain of timeout
>> connecting to that site or something. I'm not quite sure about a cleaner
>> solution.
> What about using REJECT instead of DENY?  That way the browser should
> immediately be told that the destination (in this case
> ad.doubleclick.net)
> could not be reached.

I believe DENY would cause the browser to time out, but not right away.  I
only use DENY for spam hosts/nets so that the spammer wastes more time.


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