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Re: apt get breaks diald

On 03-Sep-99 Mark Brown wrote:
> which operated just fine before, during and after the install (last
> night for ppp IIRC).  What exactly is going wrong?  Which kernel version
> are you using (I've got 2.2.10 here)?  Do things like telling diald to
> bring the link up manually achieve anything?

I was unable to connect with ppp or Diald, so I installed an older (Slink)
version of diald and ppp and wvdial.  I was able to get online with wvdial
but not with ppp or diald, that is, until I did that, and then I could not
get online at all.  I recompiled the kernel, just in case, but that did not
help, so I purged diald, ppp, wvdial and their friends and then installed
ppp and still could not get online.  I then went back to an older netbase
version and rebooted and I am online.
> If you haven't been running "apt-get clean" much you may still have a
> previous version of pppd kicking around in /var/cache/apt/archives.
No such luck; I clean it out frequently.  I keep backups on another machine
but had to reinstall that machine a few weeks ago and don't have backups.

Something must be wrong with the latest potato version of ppp.


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