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berolist mail-list server

I am trying to get the mailing-list server "berolist" working. Setting
it up includes adding aliases such as:

listname : "|/usr/sbin/list listname"

So you see that mail sent to "listname" gets piped to the program
/usr/sbin/list , or at least that is what is suppose to happen. When I
do send mail to listname it doesn't get delivered. When I try to flush
the mail que with "runq" I see messages such as:

V 1999-09-17 22:06:25 11S7dL-00039J-00 Neither the system_aliases
director nor the address_pipe transport set a uid for local delivery of
|/usr/sbin/list news

So, it says no uid was set. Is this a problem with my exim
configuration? How do I get a uid set? I am assuming this is the
problem. I have read the bug reports for berolist, one of which says
that permissions are wrong and to change /usr/sbin/list to SUID
lists.lists to make it work. Did I do this correctly by issuing the

# chown list.list /usr/sbin/list
# chmod u+s /usr/sbin/list

ls -l now shows:

-rwsr-xr-x   1 list     list        20620 Oct 14  1998 /usr/sbin/list

But I still get the same problem including the same message from runq.
Any thoughts? I would really like to get berolist working since it seems
just right for what I need. Majordomo or another full-feature list-serve
would be overkill for what I am doing, so I hope I don't have to resort
setting up one of them instead.


Ben Messinger  bmessin@3-cities.com
This email contains no tyops.

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