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RE: anyone using sblive under kernel 2.2.12

Just get the emu10k1 package from developer.soundblaster.com/linux.  Unpack it,
and edit the 2.2.10 module with a text editor, changing 2.2.10 to 2.2.12.  

I got it to work under 2.2.11 by forcing it with insmod -f, that may work as

On 18-Sep-99 Jim Ruby wrote:
> Hi,
> If anyone is using the sblive under kernel 2.2.12, would you be willing to
> email me the sblive .o module?
> I don't have a way to edit the file with a hexed as the speach output I'm
> using makes this hard.
> Thanks.


Wim Kerkhoff              

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