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Re: blackbox, plus a few..

On Fri, Sep 10, 1999 at 03:58:39PM -0600, tf wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I finally got apt-get going--thanks.  I can't remember,exactly, but is there a dpkg  --fix  --broken  that I can use to insure that I 
> have a "full" installation?  I've got some of netscape 4.6, I think, but not enough to make it run (can run Mozilla fine under 
> blackbox).  The more I study dselect, the more confused I get.

There are netscatpe-smotif-46 and netscape-dmotif-46 pseudo-packages you
can install which have the depends set to install all you need.

> blackbox stuff:  how do you add menu items?  a background color?  how changing the default video mode and color depth? (by 
> hand)  right now I use startx blackbox to get going...

I use entries in /etc/menu and run update-menus.  It will add things to
the blackbox menu (which is in /etc/X11/blackbox/Blackbox-menu.  The
appearance menu item has quite a few backgrounds available.  I have
experimented a bit with customizing the background with files from
www.themes.org.  The background stuff is in /usr/share/blackbox.

> an x-term is in the existing  blackbox menu, but it won't accept any input.  How may I get wterm going (just read a post 'bout it 
> and it sounds good)
> last but not least... phewy on exim.  I'm a beginner.  is smail any easier to configure? Right now I have the mutt-exim-fetchmail 
> combo.  I visited some web document about exim and fetchmail, but lost the url.  I just got the smail deb.
> once I get mail, and netscape, I'll have no more reason to borrow a computer!

smail is probably easier to configure than exim, but not as powerful.  I
use smail on one of my systems and sendmail on the others.


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