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Re: [Debian: Grafikkarte] 3Dfx (MAXI Gamer 3D)

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> Evan Van Dyke wrote:

> > > On Linux, you will only be able to use the 3Dfx 3D accelaration with
> > > the applications specially designed to use it (Quake 2 is the only one
> > > I know of) from a VGA console.
> >
> > Or have an accelerated Server... don't know how accelerated Xfree's
> > is tho.
> Butwait...  Doesn't Mesa have 3dfx acceleration that can be compiled in?  Or did
> I just order a handful of machines with Voodoo3s for nothing? :-{

 No, no, you can use 3dfx cards with Mesa. As I understand it, you'll need
to get the Glide library from 3dfx, though. (They don't release specs for
the card.) Once you have that, you'll be able to get accelerated OpenGL.

 Note that the 3dfx cards are really designed to render fullscreen. You
can hack up a way for them to render into an X window, but it hurts
performance. (It's still a lot better than software rendering, though.)


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