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RE: boot from hd (was RE: Why use Debian? Why not Red Hat?)

Try pressing 'a', for 'A'dvanced.  That should give you some more options, if
my memory serves correct.  You probably have more partitions that 1, but they
aren't showing up.

On 03-Sep-99 Paul McHale wrote:
> I was mistaken, it is 1FA.  I am not sure how to enter 1.  The exact prompt
> is
> 1FA:
> When I press a key I get nothing.  When I press enter, I get another prompt:
> 1FA:1FA:
> Is there a special way to enter it ?
>> On Fri, 03 Sep 1999, Paul McHale wrote:
>> > Thanks for the help !  I'll give this a try.  When I boot I get
>> 1F0 in the
>> > upper left part of the screen.  I think this is also the address of the
>> > CDROM drive.  Probably coincidence.
>> Actually the 1F0 is a prompt provided by the mbr package that
>> replaces the master boot record of your harddrive. If I remember
>> correctly 1 boots the first partition, F boots floppy A, and 0 allows
>> selection of booting from any partition 1-4 regardless of their
>> active setting.


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