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Apache segfaulting upon perl module load

I'm having a strange problem where apache is segfaulting when I start
it.  The only time I get the segfault is when DynaLoader.pm loads an
".so" file, for example, DBI.so, resulting from "use DBI" or "use
Apache::DBI" in startup.pl.  But "use Apache::Status", resulting in
loads of Request.so, et al, also causes the segfault.

I'm running Debian Linux, Slink, kernel 2.0.36.
The relevant Debian packages are:
libdbi-perl_1.12-1 (that's where the DBI.so comes from)

I've tried compiling and using the packages from CPAN also, but get the
same thing.  I don't feel at this point it's the .so files themselves,
but a problem with apache or mod-perl.

I should mention, though, that this problem seemed to go away Friday
upon an Apache reinstall, only to start recurring, which made me suspect
hardware problems.  Memory tests show nothing, though, and the problem
is consistent and isolated to this situation.

Anyone else have problems with this configuration or have any clue where
to look next?


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