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Re: allowing simpler passwords

Nathan E Norman wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Marc Mongeon wrote:
>  : How do I disable the password-checking feature of passwd?  I'm willing
>  : to accept moderately complex passwords that passwd wants to throw
>  : out.  `man passwd` gives me nothing, and I'm not certain where else to
>  : look-- is this the doings of PAM?
> Run passwd as root.  RTFM passwd.c; passwd tries to prevent lusers from
> using crappy passwords.  This is generally accepted as a feature.
>  : It is particularly annoying because it reminds me of the Windows design
>  : philosophy:  "I know better than you do what you're trying to do."
> Windows lets you ignore passwords altogether and isn't really known as a
> secure OS ...

	Careful, Linux doesn't *require* users to have a password either,
so don't knock Win for this case.  On my machine I use the return
key for a 'password'.  Its unacceptable in a multi-user or
networked environment, but for a single-user, home machine a
password is really un-needed.

Ed C.

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