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Re: Best Solution for PPP?

> From: Shao Zhang <shao@linuxfreak.com>

> Todd Suess [tsuess@inspace.net] wrote:
> > Greetings PPL,
> > I am running a development server in my home that is connected
> > via ppp to the net.  What is the best program to use to automatically
> > reconnect me if the connection is dropped?  I checked out pon, wvdial
> > ,diald, etc, but was curious what others are using for this, and the best
> > way to go about it.  Any info would be much appreciated.
> 	I am using pon which is really just a script calling pppd and
> 	chat.
> 	You can modify your /etc/ppp/peers/provider and add a line
> 	persist. Then pppd should automatically reconnect for you.

That's just automatic _re_-connection right?

Fully automatic connection (like when a queued cron or at job
wakes up to run wget or mirror) is great.

Diald does that.  (I don't know what else might too.)


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