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Re: alternative to getting packages file by file?

John Miskinis wrote:
> Hello,
> Although I have been able to get the "base" 2.1 system up and
> running, I am now trying to download what I need to get X Windows,
> and its dependency packages, and then a few clients (for now) running.
> In the relnotes9.html, the required files are listed, but mention
> "tar"ed sets such as "Xbin.tgz", etc.   All I can find on the
> debian ftp sites are the individual files.  Are "sets" available
> anywhere?  Or at least a description of what was in Xbin.tgz?

How did you install the base system? Floppies, NFS, etc? If you used
the installation program, after you installed the base system, you
should have been presented a list of installation options.

You can always used dselect, but (IMO) it's not for the faint of
heart. I have yet to delve into dselect, but that's just me.

Assuming you are able to access the Internet from you debian
machine, you can download the base system to a partition that you
wont format, and then reinstall. Make sure you use the rescue and
drivers disks.

I did this with a computer that didn't have a cdrom drive and it
worked fine.

Anyway, let us know the steps you took to install the base system
for your current setup. Installing packages one at a time will be a
nightmare, if not impossible.
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