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RE: Apt & Firewall variable

On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, ^chewie wrote:

> From: Jon Hughes <jhughes@sccme.com>
> "I'm reading a Debian Installation & Guide to use book and it states
> that I can put in a variable to let apt know that you have a
> firewall/proxy between you and the outside world.
> "The variable (# export http_proxy=http://gateway:1234/) is to be
> typed into the command line...but is there a file where I can put that
> into so I don't have to type it whenever I want to apt-get something?"
> Well, there are a couple places.  If you'd like the http_proxy
> environment variable to apply to your execution of Apt alone, then you
> can rename apt-get to apt-get.real and write a wrapper script called
> "apt-get".

Or you can get the APT from potota (slink version at
http://www.debian.org/~jgg) and place the setting in the configuration
file (man apt.conf). 

Also note that alot of other programs use the http_proxy setting, so
making it global is not such a bad idea


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