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Re: #!/Perl question

On Fri, Sep 03, 1999 at 03:04:49AM +0800, Hans van den Boogert wrote:
> I'm trying to learn some Perl. I found an on-line book which is Unix
> biased, but the scripts all start with #!/usr/local/bin/perl (which makes
> sense if you have compiled and installed it yourself). However, on my
> Debian system Perl was of course put in /usr/bin/perl. So how can I write a
> Perl script that be executed on a variety of systems (Unix/Linux/DOS)?? 

Personally, I would count on /usr/bin/perl.  It seems unusual to take such
an important key to lots of system-based scripts and keep it local.  Check
out this:

file /usr/bin/* | grep perl

That should also give you good sample code :)

I highly recommend the O'Reilly Camel book.  Ain't nothing better.
> -- a somebody who last programmed in BASIC back in '84. (Please don't
> laugh. I was young and my teacher made me to).

Ahh, I was programming BASIC in '84.  Commodore BASIC.  Back when it was all
upper case...  Ah for the old days when joystick programming wasn't that

Jonathan Markevich <debian@markevich.ourfamily.com>

If everything is coming your way then you're in the wrong lane.

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