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Re: 1.5 years old user

vi and gcc just aren't doing it for your kid, eh? :)

(In all honesty, the gimp might be the closest thing to fun on these blasted
no good worthless hunks of ethernet-ignoring money holes... :)

Oooh! how about xtacy? or sopmething like that? of course, you don't want
your kid to grow up thinking s/he is a bit of a hallucinatory person..

If you don't mind programming, you could write a little perl or something to
play various sounds to the soundcard (be sure to have a built-in limit of
say, ten sounds to be queued up.. ;) when the keys are hit... <shrug>

On Thu, Sep 02, 1999 at 11:07:30AM +0300, Madarasz Karoly wrote:
> Is there any programs for a 1.5 years old user?
> Something like xteddy controllable by mouse,
> or a program that turn the keyboard into
> a synthetiser.
> -- 
> thanks,
> Karesz.
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