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Re: [Linux: CD] How to make ???

* Michelle Konzack <starone@cybercable.fr> writes:

> Oh yes, I like to make preselect the deselect for the packages so new 
> users should choose 'Complete installation' and thats all.


> And then, I have the 4-CD-Set of Debian 2.1 Slink and the girls in my 
> group are gone confused with all the packages. I think 'cheapbytes' will 
> be the same as my 4 CD's

Then maybe make them call a script that basically does `dpkg
--set-selections < my_selections' and `dpkg --install' or something. You
can get the list for --set-selections by installing the packages on a
`master' system and then call `dpkg --get-selections > my_selections'

This way you can use the stock Debian CD´s. If you find a nice package
later, just tell them to `dpkg --install xxx'. Using the original CD´s
also has the advantage that others (who would be unfamiliar with your
hand-made CD) can help.


Colin Marquardt <colin.marquardt@gmx.de>

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