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Re: Block stupid/annoying sites

> Read the IPCHAINS HOWTO. I think you can do something like:
> 	ipchains -A input -s ad.doubleclick.net -j DENY
> 	ipchains -A output -d ad.doubleclick.net -j DENY
> You probably want to tailor the above to meet your needs.
> This will block *any* kind of connection to/from that site, although DNS
> lookups will still work. Your browser will probably complain of timeout
> connecting to that site or something. I'm not quite sure about a cleaner
> solution.

What about using REJECT instead of DENY?  That way the browser should
immediately be told that the destination (in this case ad.doubleclick.net)
could not be reached.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this.  I'm just in the process of
setting up my system using the IPCHAINS HOWTO, so I'm sure not an expert!

Hope this helps,

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