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Re: Berolist

Matt Kopishke wrote:
> I am trying to configure Berolist under Slink. 

> ###
> I have tried every thing I can think of, I also have tried smartlist,
> Majordomo, and mailman with out any luck, all thought I had Majordomo
> running while back on a different install.  I have yet to find a easy list
> server to set up, maybe it's my bad luck but every one else say they don't
> have problems like I do...
>                 -Matt-

I wasted a lot of time trying to get Berolist working and finally went
to smartlist. I couldn't keep Berolist from seg-faulting. I even
compiled my own and it still was seg-faulting. Smartlist was harder to
configure than Berolist, but easier than Majordomo and is working well.

Ben Messinger  bmessin@3-cities.com
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