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Re: 3dfx module and Quake 3 Arena

The module allows for non-root and non-setuid-root applications to use the 3D
hardware acceleration of the Voodoo card.

As far as the other questions, I'm either not knowledgeable enough about the subject,
in the first case, or simply haven't used the software, in the second case.

You might want to check out http://www.linux3d.org for some more information.


Marshal Wong wrote:

> I was wondering what the 3dfx module form 3dfx-source does.  I have a
> Voodoo3 and I installed the module, but I don't know what it is used
> for.  Any help?
> I guess in general, how is a 3d card used by linux?
> Finally, has anyone installed Quake 3 Arena on a Debian box?  If so,
> how did you do it?
> Marshal
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