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Re: brand spanken new user

1)  "umount" un-mounts a drive.  Maybe "fdmount" has an associated
"fdumount".  You must un-mount the floppy before you can change
disks-- no way around that.  Maybe the dos tools allow you to access
a floppy disk without mounting it-- I don't know.

2)  Use "miniterm" or some other terminal emulator.  Point it at the
serial device attached to your modem (/dev/ttyS?).  Send AT commands
as desired.

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>>> "Soul Existance" <soul@cyberhighway.net> 09/20/99 10:33AM >>>
Ok, few questions that i cant seem to find answers for....

1)  how do i access my fd0? i fdmount fd0 /floppy and it shows me the dir
one time, then i have to relog in and do it again to change disks...

2)  Ok, i been reading the stuff about PPP connections. it says to put my
conn file in /dir this and /dir that. but how do i get it to actually see my
modem and dial the number i want it to. i've been working on this all night.
cant do it.. would sure like to have it to finish my install instead of on a
pile of floppies. makes to be so much easier.


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