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[no subject] 3.1 kl - 3.1 final 3.1 & Sid AAH! Got KDE installed in San Francisco! About Printing Asian Characters via kdeprint ACK! Blew up my KDE and need help in San Francisco! aegypten for sid? alternative keyboard layout ...and now?? Antialiasing in 3.1 Antialiasing in KDE3.1 antialiasing on sid, kde3.1 Any idea when we can expect kde 3.1 in sid? was: kfile apt-get upgrade Ark not working in 3.1 from SID artsplay does not play .ogg files arts support quicktime format?! ATTENTION: People with qt compilation issues read this. Re: Audio permissions (automatically) making deb's from cvs head Aw: Re: Antialiasing in KDE3.1 Big update from Ralf's debs Borderless windows? re: broken packages installing kdelibs4-dev Re: brother, can you spare a Re: Bug#181009: ITP: koffice-i18n -- i18n files for koffice Re: Bug#182474: KDE/unstable BUG: missing in kdelibs4 build-dep for libart-2.0-dev missing from koffice-1.2.1 can konq open text files in embed mode. Cannot install latest kdebase-kio-plugins Can't Install KDE??? Ccompiling Gideon for KDE 3.1 Compile problem with kde/qt apps Compiling Error in kdepim... compiling QT apps? configure for cdbakeoven crashes Creating a Help Index? DDPD - the Dangerous Debian Package Dump - Was: Re: KDE PIM in sid? Debian package for 'kalculate'? Debian sid packages for kde3.1 delay on KDM startup and KDE startup (3.1) Delay on KDM startup fixed. Was Re: delay on KDM startup and KDE startup (3.1) Difficulties compiling KDE3 for Alpha do kioslave::ftp and kioslave::sftp support asian characters? Error after wm switch ERROR: KUniqueApplication: DCOP communication error! Experience with 3.05a -> 3.1 upgrade [FAQ] incorrect apt sources for Woody file selector: some files are not selectable via keybord Files missing? Font substitution in konqueror Found KDE 3.1 Packages for Debian Galeon spawning loads of windows gcc in sid Getting rid of Karolina gkrellm - KDE Bug? gnomemeeting/kde madness ?? How can I use lpdomatic filter on kprinter? how to change "normal" sized font in konsole How to disable compressed files preview in konqueror? Indeed. Re: Strange but solved... I need you help.....please Installation problem Is it possible to switch languages for one app only? Japanese display in KDE 3.1 Jasper packaging k3b K3b and oKle packages update request k3b problem with writing audio cds kaddressbook in sid problem fixed kaddressbook (kab) in sid kaddressbook lost data Kate code-folding query? kde3.0.5a arch: Alpha debs for Woody, retirement of Re: KDE 3.1 Alsa Problem KDE 3.1 and ISO-8859-2 encoding kde 3.1 : Avantgo conduit for kdepim KDE 3.1 binary debian packages compiled using GCC 3.2 ? KDE3.1 for stock woody system kde3.1 freezes at splash: setting up interprocess communication KDE 3.1 from and dselect KDE 3.1 in SID KDE3.1 in SID KDE3.1, KDM & XF86Config-4 kde3.1 - konqueror - italic fonts kde 3.1 menu with 'no text available', gimp very slow KDE 3.1 on sid -- Pixieplus KDE3.1 package dependency problem (Krusader,Knotes ...) KDE 3.1, sid - TT fonts screwup KDE 3.1 status report KDE 3.1 upgrade & fonts? KDE3.1 woody konqueror crash KDE 3.1-woody: krec doesn't work KDE 3.1/Xinerama/Wallpaper kde3 kcm_arts/kmid linked to ?? kde application and it's PATH kdebindings Kde broken kded can't connect to the X server kde development packages in sid kdeextragear-1 not in i18n KDE hangs on startup kde-i18n-de_4:3.1-1 in testing? kdelibs4 kdelibs4-dev on woody KDE Multimedia - Latest updates. kdepim? KDE PIM in sid? kdepim-libs and kaddressbook in SID, can't access my Adressbook Kde, qt and xml kde sid problem: unresolved symbols KDE splash screen? kde-theme-liquid or mosfet liquid theme Re: KDE updates (was Re: KDE 3.1 Still missing sound) KDE User Can't Access Home Partition kdeveloper autoconf fails A kdevelop-gideon feature about debs kdevelop templates kdm and use of /etc/profile kdm problem in Karolina's 3.1.0+rel debs Kdm startup time kdm still slow on startup, solutions? kdm writing to /usr/share/icons Re: kernel problem Keyboard switch in 3.1 kfile Kgamma ? Re: kicker on both xinerama screens? kioslave::smb is slow [ Re: [Bug 48888] click on a folder and then move the mouse may selects wrong folder] kmail kmail 1.3.2 (kde 2.2.2) imap reads every folder I've got?!? Kmail 1.5 and IMAP KMail 1.5 crypto-plugin breaks gpg KMail and OpenOffice - would they work together ? Kmail and subscribing to IMAP folders Kmail crypto-plugin kmail dependencies (was No Subject) KMail + IMAP problem kmail & pgp kmail (ralf's sid) vs. kmail (chris' sid) kmail within kde3.1 on sid ? kmix kmix doesn't show anything KMozilla in konqueror?? KNewsticker & KMIX koffice-i18n-xx in Sid ¿? Koffice spellcheck in other language konqueror 3.1.0 does not launch from kicker Konqueror and password protected sites Konqueror and Quicktime konqueror crashes when quitting The last update was on 17:43 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 943 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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