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Re: Antialiasing in 3.1

* Anders Ellenshøj Andersen schrieb am 02.02.03 um 14:52 Uhr:
> On Sunday 02 February 2003 14:33, Robert Kratky wrote:
> > anybody's got an idea what i'm doing wrong?
> Have you got fontconfig installed?

Thats not needed for a woody only system. But you have to make sure
that you do not use libqt3 from unstable but from Ralf Nolden's
packages instead.

libqt3 from unstable is linked against libfontconfig and then it
will use it...

But KDE3.1 woody packages do not know about fontconfig and thats the
reason why config of antialiased fonts (range exclusion for example)
will not work because KDE writes a ~/.xftconfig file for you instead
of a ~/.fontconfig xml file.

I wish there was some kind of autodetection for that in KDE...

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