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Re: 3.1 kl - 3.1 final

Ciao :)

At 02.04 05/02/03 -0600, you wrote:

Sarge/Testing doesn't get security fixes is the primary reason not to
run it imho. Also it is horribly out of date due to the fact that libc6
2.3 still isn't in it.

I have a sarge installation with some sid packages, for example to run 3.1 KL, we must have the libc6-2.3.1-x ... I have the sarge linuxbox on a laptop (on the server I have woody) with a dialup connection, so I guess (but I'm not sure) that it isn't so dangeourus.

Following the last news, probably I should wait the sid kde3.1 packages (are built with gcc3.2, can I run kde31sid into sarge without a massive downloads ?). When will they arrive in sarge ? ... week, months ...

     ...excuse me, and thanks in advance :)


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