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Re: 3.1 kl - 3.1 final

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 09:53:01AM +0100, Michele Mariottini wrote:
>         I have a sarge installation with some sid packages, for example to 
> run 3.1 KL, we must have the libc6-2.3.1-x ...
>         I have the sarge linuxbox on a laptop (on the server I have woody) 
> with a dialup connection, so I guess (but I'm not sure) that it isn't so 
> dangeourus.
>         Following the last news, probably I should wait the sid kde3.1 
> packages  (are built with gcc3.2, can I run kde31sid into sarge without a 
> massive downloads ?).  When will they arrive in sarge ?  ... week, months 
> ...
>      ...excuse me, and thanks in advance :)
> mikj

KDE 3.1 can't go into sarge until many other things do like libc6 2.3.1


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