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Re: kdelibs4-dev on woody

Le Mercredi 12 Février 2003 01:28, Ralf Nolden a écrit :
> You should use a standard woody and standard woody debs. Out of my
> experience, knoppix is fine as long as you just use what it's on it. It's
> not technically clean-made in a way that it a) gives you a proper system
> identical to a woody installation b) therefore doesn't really admit
> updating and reinstalling parts of the installation.

I didn't expres myself correctly :-). I don't have Knoppix anymore. It's a 
standard woody. I've installed kdelibs without problem, but I can't install 
kdelibs4-dev because of libartsc0-dev and a lot of other softwares. The only 
way to install kdelibs4-dev is to fetch it from unstable. And then, I can't 
install kdenetwork, kdemultimedia, ... anymore.


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