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Re: konqueror 3.1.0 does not launch from kicker

On Sunday 02 February 2003 20:32, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> i have just updatet from kde 3.1.0rc6 to kde 3.1.0 (karolinas packages) and
> now konqueror does not launch any more from kicker on from panel. if i
> launch it from konsole there is no problem. konqueror seems to be the only
> programm having that problem. anyone out there knowing what to do.

Unfortunately not, but I have this too...

I can also add, that it is not correct, that it works from konsole.

In fact running "konqueror" does work - from console or otherwise.

Running "kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing" leads to:

ERROR: Couldn't start konqueror from konqueror.desktop: Could not find service 

This is also what the kicker-button executes...


Went fishing a bit more and it seems to me that the file 
'/usr/share/services/konqueror.desktop' is indeed missing after the last 
update. So it should be easy to fix with a new package.

In the meantime you can extract it from an old archive or get it from somwhere 

And BTW: Thanks to Karolina for all the work of providing her packages for 
such a long time now. It's much appreciated!


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