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Re: Debian sid packages for kde3.1

torsdagen den 6 februari 2003 07.11 skrev Kevin J Poorman:

> As a current user of Karolinas 3.1 debs do you have any idea if the
> upgrade will be smooth? possible? etc? If you have the .deb's mirrored
> somewhere I'd be more than willing to test the migration procedure and
> report back.

You have to remove my packages, and install the SID ones. They are not 
compatible, since they are compiled with different incompatible compilers.
Actually, you should remove all KDE packages and applications, since the SID 
packages are not compatible with anything previous. It might be that Ralfs 
packages automatically gets removed, but I would not count on it.

The reason I can't be compatible or even upgradable is that I had no idea what 
the SID packages will be when I made mine. Even some package names have 
changed a few times now. And the debian KDE team has clearly announced that 
they won't provide upgradability from anything else than KDE 2.2, so there 
you have it.


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