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Re: konqueror 3.1.0 does not launch from kicker

- DUH.  
I guess I am so used to looking at deb files with MC that made
me think a grep would work!  Thanks for the unpack info.
It appears that the launch problem is fixed with Karolina's
latest konqueror deb and it doesn't use konqueror.desktop.


On Monday 03 February 2003 12:23 pm, Craig Dickson wrote:
> Michael Hoodes wrote:
> > OK I'll bite.  What package has konqueror.desktop in it?
> > My Woody 3.1 partition doesn't have it.  What's a good
> > way to check for inclusion of that file?  I've tried
> > grep konqueror.desktop * in my 130MB Sid /var/cache/apt/archives
> > directory but that didn't find it.
> It's in Karolina's konqueror rc6 package. I still have a copy of it.
> Grepping your archive directory probably won't do. A .deb file is an
> uncompressed ar(1) archive containing a gzipped tar file
> (data.tar.gz) which in turn contains all the files to be installed.
> Since the tarball is compressed, grepping it isn't useful. I don't
> suppose zgrepping the .deb would be useful either, since the ar(1)
> archive isn't compressed.
> To unpack a .deb:
>     ar -x file.deb
>     tar xzf data.tar.gz
> then look under ./usr/share/services for the konqueror.desktop file.
> The exact file you want is:
>     konqueror_4%3a3.1.0+rc6+kl-2_i386.deb
> unless Karolina has posted a fixed version already.
> Craig

Michael Hoodes         http://www.hoodes.com            Seattle, WA

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