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Re: KMozilla in konqueror??

Ok, maybe I can provide a first step but it still won't work. Some more
competent help will be neeeded ;-)

First of all: I am running Ralf's packages from kde.org on Woody/stable.
Also using Mozilla 1.0 from stable. After installing kmozilla (wasn't even
aware there was one ;-) I got the same result.

Started kmozilla standalone anyway. Got error message "foobar not found".
Ok, that's easy to fix: Edit /usr/share/services/kmozilla.desktop. It
includes a line "exec=foobar" which should probably read "exec=kmozilla".

Having done that, I try kmozilla on the command line. This is what I get:

Start quote:

Message: dcop_object_class_init(DcopObjectClass *klass)
Message: gtk_xpart_class_init
Message: gtk_kmozilla_class_init
Message: dcop_object_init(DcopObject *obj)
Message: gtk_xpart_init
Message: gtk_xbrowserextension_class_init
Message: gtk_xbrowserextension_class_init
Message: gtk_kmozillaextension_class_init
Message: dcop_object_init(DcopObject *obj)
Message: gtk_xbrowserextension_init
Message: gtk_kmozillaextension_init
Message: gtk_kmozilla_init
Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_signal_connect(): could not find signal "reload" in the
`GtkKmozilla' class ancestry
Message: gtk_kmozilla_init
Message: dcop_init
Message: dcop_client_register_as kmozilla
Message: dcop_client_attach
Message: dcop: major opcode is 2
Message: dcop server address is :
Message: trying to register as kmozilla-1054
Message: registration failed
client initialized!
cannot register with shell (null) / KDE_MULTIHEAD=false

End quote

So there seems to be a problem registering the service. Unfortunately, I
have no idea why that would be and if it could have anything to to with the
Gtk-WARNING (I suppose not since the service would be a KDE thing?).

Any more technically competent people to pick up the slack?

One more question: Assuming the entry in kmozilla.desktop is a bug, how do I
report it?


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